We are thrilled to partner with local teams and organizations to offer a unique and interesting way to raise funds for your programing.  As former university athletes we know it takes practice, dedication and drive to succeed in reaching your goals, but it also takes FUNDRAISING! We customize your fundraising experience to meet the needs of your organization and we pride ourselves on getting to know your group and doing as much of the heavy lifting as possible. 

In addition to our standard fundraising program, we also offer a few specialty fundraising initiatives that are sure to have lasting effects on your participants and the community. 

From the Hands of Women

This fundraiser is one of our favourites for organizations that focus on programming for girls, but that said, it is open to everyone! The fundraiser highlights coffee grown and harvested by women. While your organizations will generate the same great revenue, this is also an opportunity to support the movement to promote gender equity and prosperity at the coffee farms and throughout the community. Please contact us to learn more, we are super passionate about this opportunity!

Strong Coffee Strong Athletes

This fundraiser is perfect for athletic leagues and community organizations who want to have all of their teams participating in a large-scale fundraiser as an association. We offer custom labelling to showcase your organization and provide assistance with coordinating opportunities to increase awareness for your fundraiser to maximize sales.

Please send us an email at [email protected] to discuss a fundraising strategy that will work for you!